Week Three: BBQ’S

How is it only week three? I feel like this lockdown has lasted an eternity and to be honest, I am fucking done with it. 

It genuinely is like Groundhog Day, or what I imagine it is like to be on Love Island minus the sick wardrobe and unreal body. You spend every day in the garden, you’re not allowed out, and the person your coupled up with is wrecking your head, and you theirs, but despite this, you wouldn’t want to be coupled up with anyone else. Cute.

As the weather has been unbelievable, we’ve managed to have three BBQ’s this week. THREE and planning our fourth. In normal circumstances I would think that this was weird, excessive even, but lockdown is different, and I suppose anything goes right now. Plus, BBQ’s mean you can drink from any time without judgment and food is readily available at all times. WINNER. 

Some knob head kept trying to hack my Facebook this week. Don’t really understand why though to be honest. What do you gain from a Facebook? I know there’s not much to do, and we’re all bored but take up knitting or something else instead please? 

Everything and everyone are doing my head in. The sound of someone blinking is enough to make me put my head in my hands and internally scream ‘I CAN’T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE.’ At this point I usually take myself for a walk and give my head a wobble. 

I’ve looked at enough baby pictures to realise I really wasn’t that cute. You could dress me up in some dress, or hat, but nine times out of ten I looked like a frizzy haired cabbage patch kid. Someone actually told me that once, they too made the correlation and just straight up said, ‘ay you look like a cabbage patch doll’. Sly.

My mum has been sorting out the loft and at one point there were about 10 porcelain dolls on the landing. Creepy. What a weird time that was when everyone loved porcelain dolls. Loved might be the wrong word, as I think I was more scared of mine. You didn’t play with them; they were sometimes dressed like mini Victorians and at night they looked terrifying. Yet still every birthday or Christmas I wanted one. Why though?

This week has been tough hence the short post this week, but each day is a day closer to all this being over and for that I am grateful!!   

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